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 BodyTite for Butt Lift: Guide to Enhanced Contouring

As cultural beauty standards shift toward curvier figures, people are searching for a rounder, perkier buttocks without surgery. BodyTite is a radiofrequency-assisted liposuction (RFAL), state-of-the-art device that fulfills this demand for butt enhancement and contouring.

 BodyTite employs RFAL technology, which is the most advanced type of liposuction system on the market. It has the added advantage of skin tightening and sculpting of the body’s underlying tissues, with less recovery time. It then suctions the undesirable fat away while contracting the remaining connective tissue at the same time, giving a smoother look.

 According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, butt lifts have increased by 25% since 2017 and reached more than 28,000 procedures in 2020. There’s the prediction by experts that noninvasive procedures like this BodyTite will continue to gain popularity as it comes with the benefits of less recovery time and less expenditure. 

The Science Behind Non-Invasive Butt Lifting

BodyTite uses radiofrequency-assisted liposuction (RFAL) technology to lift and shape the buttocks without major surgery. This combines two techniques, liposuction, and radiofrequency energy. During the procedure, a thin tube called a cannula is inserted under the skin which produces radiofrequency (RF) energy waves. The RF energy liquefies unwanted fat cells, which can then be suctioned out. At the same time, the RF energy heats and shrinks the surrounding connective tissues.

This double action of fat removal and tissue tightening is what makes BodyTite different from regular liposuction therefore by contracting the supportive tissues that hold fat in place, BodyTite can reshape and lift the treated area for a smoother contour.

For butt lifts, BodyTite’s RFAL technology is advantageous over implants or lifts in that; 

  • It’s minimally invasive, only needing small cuts
  • There’s less recovery time
  • It tightens loose skin while improving shape and projection
  • Results look more natural without the risks of implants
  • The amount of lifting can be customized according to one’s needs

Ideal Candidates for BodyTite Butt Lift

The BodyTite butt lift works best for people looking to improve and reshape their backside without major surgery. It’s a good option for those who have fairly good skin elasticity but want some smoothing and lifting of the buttocks area.

Ideal Candidates for BodyTite Butt Lift

It is recommended for people with:

  • A modest amount of excess fat and loose skin in the buttocks, hips, and thighs as BodyTite can re-shape these areas by removing the unwanted fat and tightening tissue.
  • For those whose buttocks have become saggy due to aging, pregnancy, or weight loss, where BodyTite firms and lifts the butt for a rounder, perkier look.
  • Need for more sculpted and toned buttocks without too much enlargement. 
  • Stubborn areas of fat or looseness despite trying a healthy diet and exercise.

The BodyTite Butt Lift Procedure

The procedure starts with consultation with the provider to discuss goals, and the appropriate treatment plan and to ensure that the BodyTite procedure is fit.

During the procedure, the healthcare provider begins with;

  • Anesthesia which is given typically through local anesthesia and oral sedation
  • Making small incisions in the treatment area, ranging 3-4 mm in length
  • Insertion of the BodyTite handpiece containing the radiofrequency probe under the skin
  • The external electrode is placed on top of the treatment area’s skin surface
  • RF energy is sent through the probe to liquefy the unwanted fat cells while the external electrode monitors skin temperature
  • The liquified fat is suctioned out using a gentle vacuum
  • The RF energy also heats the dermis, causing collagen contraction and stimulation of new collagen production

The duration of the procedure depends on the extent of areas being treated, approximately 1-3 hours. Patients can expect some swelling, bruising, and discomfort initially, which is managed with compression garments and oral medication.

Over the next 6-12 weeks as the treated area heals the full lifting, smoothing, and contouring effects will show. Results continue to improve for up to 6 months as new collagen is produced for lasting skin tightening.

Benefits of BodyTite for Butt Lift

  • It is minimally invasive with less recovery time, unlike surgical butt lifts which require large incisions increasing trauma and the recovery time.
  • The results look natural as the procedure sculpts one’s tissues unlike using implants, giving a smooth natural natural-looking curve.
  • With the small incisions, there’s reduced scarring compared to traditional butt lift surgery.
  • There are skin tightening benefits which means results continue to improve over 6-12 months and are long-lasting.

Risks and Safety Considerations

This procedure is considered a safe and less invasive procedure when it is done by a qualified healthcare provider but again there can still be some potential risks that come with it so to minimize the risks, the procedure should be done by an experienced and certified provider, following proper technique during the procedure and the safety protocols set. Some of these risks include; 

  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Uneven results
  • Scarring
  • Skin irregularities
  • Numbness or changes in skin sensation

For safety considerations, it is important to choose an experienced healthcare provider and follow the pre and post-operative instructions carefully, and these include; 

  • Medical clearance during consultation, to know if you have any underlying conditions by the healthcare provider which might not be suitable for the procedure
  • Avoiding blood thinners and certain supplements and medications before the procedure
  • Wearing the recommended compression garments after the procedure
  • Taking antibiotics if prescribed
  • Allowing enough time for healing and limiting strenuous activity after the procedure

Comprehensive Body Contouring Solutions

BodyTite can be used by itself for butt lifts, but it also works great when combined with other contouring treatments for better overall results

A popular combination is BodyTite plus regular liposuction where liposuction removes larger amounts of unwanted fat as BodyTite’s radiofrequency energy tightens and reshapes the skin in those areas for a smoother, lifted look.

For people wanting maximum skin tightening, BodyTite can be used together with procedures like Thermage or microneedling that tighten the skin’s surface. Some practices offer a BodyTite 360 treatment where they use BodyTite to treat multiple areas in one session for a full body transformation. BodyTite can even be combined with less invasive facial treatments, allowing doctors to treat the entire body, face, and all.

Ensuring the Best Outcome

Even though recovery from BodyTite is quicker than surgery, proper aftercare is still important for the best healing and long-lasting results. Most people have swelling, bruising, and discomfort for the first 1-2 weeks.

During this early recovery time, one will need to:

  • Wear compression garments all the time except for bathing
  • Take any medications prescribed for pain or antibiotics
  • Avoid sitting directly on the treated buttocks area
  • Get lots of rest and avoid any strenuous activities

Over the next few weeks, the swelling will gradually go away. One can return to normal activities, but should still take it easy and avoid anything too vigorous for 4-6 weeks to allow full internal healing. 

Some instructions will be given by the provider to follow and closely following this guidance helps prevent complications and ensures great results.

To maintain BodyTite results long-term:

  • Stay hydrated and eat healthy for good skin
  • Do exercises like squats to keep your muscles toned
  • Avoid big weight changes up and down
  • Use sunscreen faithfully on the treated area
  • Follow any massage techniques recommended 

Cost and Financing Options

BodyTite prices often vary but range from $6,000 – $12,000. It is not covered by insurance despite it being an elective cosmetic treatment therefore other payment plan options are given that give you an extended time to pay like; 

Special medical credit cards (CareCredit, AlphaCredit, etc.)

In-office payment plans

Personal loans or credit lines

During consultation, it is advisable to ask about their different payment options to help fit the costs into your budget. 

Choosing the Right Practitioner

These are some of the things that are important when looking for a provider, for great results and safety measures;

  • Experience – Pick someone who has done many BodyTite and body contouring procedures before. Ask how much training they’ve had specifically with BodyTite and how often they use it.
  • Proper Certification – Make sure they are certified by a respected national board in a field like plastic surgery, dermatology, or something related.
  • Positive Reviews – Read reviews from their previous patients about the quality of results, professionalism, and overall experience.
  • Accredited Facility – The place where you’ll get treated should meet high safety standards for surgical facilities.

Patient Testimonials and Before/After Gallery

Patient Testimonials and Before/After Gallery

The following are reviews from patients

Jamie, age 37, reported that a year after her BodyTite procedure, she has seen transformative results adding that she previously felt insecure about the appearance of her buttocks but now she feels her buttocks have a perkier, more youthful look which has improved her confidence in clothing. Jamie mentioned BodyTite provided satisfactory reshaping while still looking natural to her also the recovery was easier and faster than expected.

Linda, age 43 who is a mother of three described how her body’s shape did not go back to normal after childbirth despite exercising and eating a healthy diet and now BodyTite has successfully sculpted and tightened the area giving her a more toned appearance. She reported feeling like her buttocks and overall shape look more youthful, which has improved her self-image.


BodyTite is a less invasive procedure that makes use of radiofrequency energy to lift and reshape the buttocks without surgery, having the added advantage of skin tightening and less recovery time, giving a better and more natural appearance.

It is important and necessary to consult about the procedure with the healthcare provider and also do thorough research on the same for realistic and sensible outcomes together with the costs.

BodyTite is one option for buttock reshaping among many others therefore consulting board-certified professionals can help you make an informed decision about whether this method is right for you or if you should consider more invasive surgical options instead.

FAQ Related to BodyTite for Butt Lift
How much fat do you lose with BodyTite?

Studies have shown tissue area contraction ranges from 25% at 6 months to 34% at 12 months following BodyTite® procedures and the procedure achieves 30-40% fat reduction on average.

Does fat come back after BodyTite?

Yes, fat can accumulate again after BodyTite if you gain weight. It tightens existing skin but does not prevent future weight/fat gain.

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